ReanimateMe LLC.

Call Us : 541-336-6163


388 NE 2nd St, Toledo, OR 97391


Free wi-fi, Xbox 360, PS3 and a children's lounge full of fun!

 Video game consoles are available for on-premises customer play.
Price per controller is $2.50/half-hour.

​Party Rentals rates upon request.

Spring/Summer Hours

Open every day of the week from

6:30 a.m. — 8:30 p.m. 

Autumn/Winter Hours

Open Tuesday
through Saturday from

7:30 a.m. — 5:00

ReanimateMe Café

Customers under 10 years of age can purchase any 12-oz hot or cold beverage for only $2.50!

No-Frills  Coffee
Large (20 oz) – $2.75      Medium (16 oz) –
$2.25      Small (12 oz) – $1.88

Tabletop French press -  $5.00
French Roast, Caffeine Eclipse, or Swiss Vitality Natural Decaffeinated.

Single tea bags   – $1.25

Green tea, green tea with lemon, peppermint, chamomile or Earl Grey.

Pot of blooming tea – $5.00


Chai tea latte
Large(20 oz) – $4.25      Medium (16 oz) – $3.75      Small (12 oz) – $3.00


Espresso Drinks 

Black Forest Cherry                      amaretto and black cherry

Boomer                                                caramel latte

Call of Duty                                     cherry and hazelnut

Cookie Monster                                    chocolate chip cookie

                                          Free Mixer                                      chocolate peanut butter, hazelnut and caramel

Fresh                                  peppermint and amaretto

Happy                                      orange chocolate latte

Milky Way                                     chocolate and caramel

Outcast                                          white chocolate mocha

Reanimator       hi-caffeine Madagascar vanilla and caramel

S’mores                        chocolate and toasted marshmallow


Or enjoy a simple Americano, cappuccino or latte.

All drinks can be customized
with any flavor from our in-store menu board.


(20 oz) – $4.25      Medium (16 oz) – $3.75      Small (12 oz) – $3.00

Extra shot – 50¢            Extra flavor – 25¢


All drinks are available hot, iced or blended. Substitute almond,
coconut, hemp or soy milk for 50¢. Blend any drink with ice cream for only

Other Hot Beverages


Hot  cocoa

Large (20oz) – $4.00      Medium (16 oz) –$3.50      Small (12 oz) – $3.00


Cold  Beverages

 Shakes and smoothies

Large (20oz) – $5.25      Medium (16 oz) –$4.75      Small (12 oz) – $4.00


Try the winner of the Toledo Challenge!

The Princess

a rich and lavish caramel espresso milkshake fit for royalty ~


Italian sodas

Large (20oz) – $4.50      Medium (16 oz) –$3.75      Small (12 oz) – $3.00


Welch’s fruit juice –

Apple, grape or


Lunch à la carte


Sandwich – $5.25

ham, pepperoni or pastrami with Monterey Jack, Swiss or sharp cheddar. Add
lettuce, onion, and/or sundried tomatoes, plus mayonnaise and mild or spicy
mustard. Ask about our daily bread choices.


Burrito – $1.75


Corn-dog – $1.50


Tossed green salad – $4.99

Add any of the
following toppings:


Grilled chicken– $1.99     Pepperoni – $0.99

Parmesan or Italian-blend cheese – 50¢



Lunch Special


Sandwich, chips or candy, and an Americano – $5.00

Available only from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Breakfast Offerings


Oatmeal – $3.25

Breakfast sandwich – $2.50

   bacon or sausage, egg and cheese on biscuit or muffin

Pig in a blanket – $2.50

Cinnamon roll – $2.50

Muffin – $1.50

   please inquire regarding the daily offering

Danish– $1.25

   cheese, apple, raspberry or bear claw




Espresso beans – $2.00

Ice cream – $1.25

bar or sandwich

Candy bar – $1.25

Chips – $1.00



We want to create an outlet for local non-profits to gain
additional funding with ease. Round up your purchase total and the extra money
will be donated to one of the following local 501(c)3 organizations.


Toledo Food Share Pantry (first week of the month)

Lincoln County Animal Shelter (second week
of the month)

The Boomer Booster Club (third week of the month)

Toledo Jr./Sr. High School academics (fourth week
of the month)


Alternatively, you can donate funds to
any of these worthy organizations by dropping your spare change or extra bills
into the appropriately-labeled piggy banks located around the café.

*New RedBull Complimented Drinks! 

ask about our pricing and offerings!

*Espresso, Coffee, Smoothies, Shakes and More! Come in and Treat yourself!