Toledo Jr./High school academics

        Strong academics help build communities, increases individual ability! Donating to the school is a fantastic way to support the entire community! 

       Give to Mr. Studious to benefit Toledo's Academics programs and our youth in their academic endeavors!
To learn more about the The Toledo jr./High School, please click their photo on the left!

 The Boomer Booster Club

The Boomer Booster Club is a community based organization with a strong and active membership! Their primary purpose is to get students, parents, the community, and coaching staff involved to improve Toledo Area athletics and sports. A great way to give, is to our youth!

        Through the third week of every month, come into ReanimateMe and round up your total purchase to the donation of your choosing to benefit The Boomer Booster Club and athletic programs!

To learn more about the Boomer Booster Club, please click their photo on the left!

 The Lincoln County Animal Shelter

   The Lincoln County Animal shelter is a fantastic organization that we are proud to sponsor! Share the love with the  wonderful animals in need with your next ReanimateMe purchase. The shelter's mission is to provide a safe haven for our community's animals by protecting animal welfare and public safety; rescuing, reuniting, rehabilitating and re-homing animals in need; and promoting responsible pet guardianship through licensing and education. 

        Feed Spot to benefit The Lincoln County Animal Shelter and their tremendous work for animal safety and placement! As proud owners of a Lincoln County rescue pet, we personally stand by our local shelter! Keep up the great work!
To learn more about the shelter, please click their photo on the left!

Toledo Food Share Pantry

       The Toledo Food Share Pantry is doing amazing things for Toledo Area residents! The impact the Toledo Food Share Pantry has is simply fantastic! They donate 100,500 lbs. of food annually! Let's help them feed our neighbors in need!

        Through the first week of every month, come into Reanimate Me Cafe and feed King Pig to give back to your community and aid the Toledo Food Share Pantry in their efforts to end Hunger in our community!  

 To learn more about this 501c3, please click their photo on the left!

What we are doing here: 
We wanted to create an outlet for local non-profits to gain additional funding with ease. Check out each of these 501c3's and non-profit groups and what we are doing to help. 
In the interim if you are a local Toledo/ Newport charity who would like to be included in our R.I.S.E. program please contact us. 

We would love to hear from you. 

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